We zijn ontzettend trots op het interview dat Monique had voor het internationale magazine Sovereign. We spraken over de filosofie van de lange termijn, het thema: from cold calling to hot leads, over succesvolle leadgeneratie en over vrouwen in de ICT.



“If it looks like work, we stop.”
Interview with Monique Hoogkamer, Founder WeCallForYou

Imagine that one day when you go to work, your boss tells you ‘You are out of date. We have to let you go’. What could be worse than working with a manager who doesn’t see your dedication and effort? And what could be better than leaving them behind to start your own business?!

When Monique was fired, she did not know that being free to make better choices for herself is going to fire her up and change her life for good. Her desire to be an independent woman was inspired in early childhood by her mother who stopped working once she got married. Monique learned from her mother, who was an incredible woman, leading a happy life, to focus on what she had, instead of what she didn’t.

Happily married, mother of two gorgeous boys, Monique is the founder of WeCallForYou, the defining midfielder which is designed to help companies grow fast from start-ups and scale up to SME.

‘We believe people deserve a life of passion, doing what they love, and we free them from doing jobs they hate, like cold calling. People find it difficult to call, especially cold calling. Furthermore, people do not even like it or do not have the time. We call the whole day and are not distracted by other tasks. Everyone’s time is valuable. Our solutions remove the pain of chasing decision makers, and get the job done for them.’

Monique’s team is a powerful pull of talent as she learned from her manager who not to be and what not to do as a leader. Her formula brings her clients profits in excess of 400%, not just a hot team of cold callers. ‘We work with women only. Female voice sounds much better on the telephone and our clients are aware of that. We work with male clients and they appreciate our feminine charm and listening ear. We work together as a team, we support each other to master our natural skills: leading good conversations, open communicators, we are able to focus to the point of conversation, and switch quickly, to close the deal.’

“Monique is very passionate about the approach and the follow-up and that is often lacking in sales. Even after the campaign ended, Monique insisted on keeping calling one of the prospects. She had made that agreement and wanted to keep her word.” One of her clients says. Monique understands that success is a two-way street and she teams up with each client, while under contract, become part of the client’s company, sometimes, they even move in to run the calls from the clients’ premises and understand their ideal demographic, target audience and lead generation process.

‘We do everything we can to ensure that our assignment runs smoothly and successfully. Until now I haven’t done that much on marketing. Our customers find us by word of mouth. More than often, we are recommended by our clients. We want to grow more and more. I know that we have something unique in our hands, something special. We work already for international companies who started new locations in The Netherlands. Our clients trust us to make appointments with companies like Heineken and RTL. We have a script, but we never stick to it.’ Monique says with a confident smile…

“The use of WeCallForYou gave us even more than we expected. We closed the deal in 95% of the leads that they generated for our consultants.” Another client says.

Could Business become a Woman’s World?
Aware that business is still ‘a man’s world’ Monique understands women’s strengths and how to enhance their unique skills within a healthy work environment. ‘Women are more emotional and make decisions with their heart. For women money is important but not the most important thing. When I need guidance, I ask women for advice, because they understand me better. I don’t want to make decisions purely based on profit only. Growing a team of exceptional talented women is more important to me, and being the leader I never had is my true purpose.’

Monique is an active member of The Powerful Business Women’s Network, and believes business women can support each other in more ways than one. Women are able to understand each other’s vision and their desire for growth goes far beyond financial rewards, they complement each other and make meaningful connections. ‘This is a network for only serious business women who are in business for quite some time and have a minimum turnover of 100.000 euro or far above. We all want to do business internationally, but we want to know how to help each other grow. This is how we do business with other businesswomen worldwide.