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Your company is special. But how do you tell the market?
Do you need help in sharpening your proposition? The power of your company translated into an appealing communication and sales strategy. One that works. It will give you more appointments and more success.

Developing a successful strategy also means cooperation between different disciplines. We are happy to take care of that. It illustrates our involvement with you as our client. We are committed to making a difference. So we work regularly with strategists, marketers and online agencies. If necessary, and in good consultation with you, we bring in specialists from other disciplines, such as social media and online advertising bureaus.

Looking for long term results? Make an appointment now.

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There are two types of specialists in sales. Hunters and farmers. The typical “hunters” or attackers will be happy with finding new business, the “farmers” or defenders cherish their existing network and continue to expand this.

At WeCallForYou we take the best of these two worlds and make it an integrated approach. How? By giving our hunters structure and the farmers the panache and confidence. Both specialists learn and strengthen each other. Together we make your organization more successful. Compare this with the attack and the defense on the sports field. We take care of the connection. We are the defining midfielder, that game changer that makes sure that the lines fit.

Looking for a top player or a coach?

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How beautiful it would be if you or your employees developed their sales skills, so that you can approach the market with even more power.

We like to coach, but what do you learn?

  • Strongly communicating the right message
  • Natural calling (let go of that script!)
  • Stand out in the crowd
  • Ask the right questions
  • Trigger and activate
  • Convincing and closing positive conversations

It is all about practice, practice and practice again. That’s part of it. No worries. We support you as long as necessary, always with the goal to strengthen your organization.

Looking for knowledge or for power? Call WeCallForYou!


How can WeCallForYou help you, getting you customers for life?

    • Cold acquisition

      Everyone recognizes this: no time, cold feet and a variety of excuses not to start with acquisition. We made it our daily work and feel like a fish to water. We daily convert new prospects to hot leads. We do not believe in cold calls! Through our warm approach, people are open to start a conversation. An appointment is not always the direct outcome, but we ensure that your company won’t be forgotten. Many were already ahead of you … why wait?

    • Structural acquisition to communicate new products

      To keep up with the market, you have developed a new solution; Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Internet of Things, Edge computer, Blockchain, Security, Cloud, GDPR to name a few. But how do you keep your customers informed? Perhaps via a newsletter. By matching these types of campaigns, we know how important it is to get in touch with your existing customers and prospects. Stay in touch and know what is going on. You will be able to respond to future opportunities.

    • The total package – inbound and outbound

      During your campaign, you might not be available by phone constantly. Our solution: your calls are diverted to us. Because we are already working on your campaign, we know the angles and are able to give your prospects suitable advice. Following-up by email, managing the inbox and possibly the chat box, also belongs to our services. We notice that more and more of our customers appreciate us for taking things of their plates.

    • Project-based acquisition

      An event is over, after months of preparation and a considerable investment the event has been a success. It was busy at the stand, the account managers were happy with the conversations. Now marketing wants to know how many leads the event has raised. Unfortunately, the account managers are busy with their daily responsibilities again. They have to make up time for their presence at the event. The leads remain, marketing is disappointed and there are no new customers. Let us follow up your event and we provide full agendas. Everyone satisfied!

    • Database enrichment

      The better the quality of your dBase, the higher the potential chance for new customers. Not only for the short terms, but also for a longer period of time. If you make sure that your dBase is up-and-running smoothly, you can make a quick call so that you can excel.

    • Coaching & training sales and account managers

      We love to teach you the ins & outs of lead generation, so your account team can start working with a smile! We go for the custom approach. Tell us, what’s your target?

What is the scenario if you do nothing? What can WeCallForYou do for you?
Exactly, we deliver value for you as a customer!

  • About WeCallForYou

    With our experience we unburden and guide you with one ultimate goal: to improve your commercial results. We do this by mapping out new markets and actively approaching them. Or by offering a new product or service in the market. But also with the systematic follow-up of existing potential leads.

  • Decades of experience and an indispensable gut feeling

    In a market driven by telemarketing agencies full of students, short-term contracts and chewed calligraphers, WeCallForYou works surprisingly traditionally. A quick sale is always worth celebrating, but we go for structural success. No only for our customers, but also for ourselves.

“Choose for long term sales and focus on structural, personal contact”


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With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in ICT, I can say that my heart and passion lie here. I call with a smile and people notice that. I mirror myself on the other side and start the conversation. And that is appreciated. I convert cold acquisition into hot leads with love.