Direct sales have been a matter of debate for decades. Cold acquisition is not appreciated by many.

It is dirty, misleading and, above all, very annoying. Well, the sale of others, because everything is allowed for yourself. On the other hand, we do not stop talking about programs like Dragons Dan, Masterchef and the TV Broker in which sales is keyl. Why are some loved beyond borders and others behated? We know why. And the reason is not what you think now.

At WeCallForYou we have years of experience, decades even. We have experienced what works for us and what not. We have seen the terminology change and the regulations and we have seen the possibilities for interaction expand. Everything goes faster, more hectic than 25 years ago. But not everything has changed. The most important part of communication has remained: people. People has not changed.

“We do not believe in cold acquisition. No not at all!”

People do business with people. And so we do not believe in cold acquisition. But we firmly believe in that first phone call. Take action, do your research and invest in sincere interest. If a first telephone call consists of just a quick sales pitch, then you won’t touch anyones heart. The first conversation must inspire, trigger, warm-up. If that is the basis, how can you believe in cold acquisition?

Our vision
In a market where contact is becoming increasingly volatile, agreements are made via whatsapp, digital agendas, email and social media and online meetings are the new standard, personal contact has become increasingly valuable. Really listening to each other, filtering needs and wishes and structured follow-ups are essential. A friendly voice, a laugh, and responding responsibly provides the fun factor. The organization and continuous monitoring of the customer journey are the main key factors for successful business.

How different are we?
In a market dictated by telemarketing agencies full of students, short-term contracts and chewed call scripts, WeCallForYou works surprisingly traditionally. A quick sale is always worth celebrating, but we go for structural success. Otherwise we would not have managed ourselves all those years.