Schreeuw van de daken


Of course we all want our satisfied customers to shout out the successful cooperation, but unfortunately that won’t happen to much in real life. .

You hardly hear satisfied customers. They are around naturally. Hopefully significantly more than the less satisfied clients. But the dissatisfied customer generally yells a bit louder.


Each project has an evaluation at WeCallForYou. Why? We want to make sure that you are happy with our efforts and results, based on all the facts. We would like to receive concrete reviews. Tips that you can use and quotes that you want to share. And yes, of course there are now all kinds of review tools on the internet to integrate in your website. But that satisfied customer is not the priority when assessing your organization. In practice it just does not happen that often. Certainly not in the business to business. But customer satisfaction is indispensable as a marketing tool. We do not have to explain that.

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